• We reach out to less priviledge of udemili
    Our Global 🌐 Outreach Program
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  • We reachout to widows in Iseukwu Ano Aryans vilage in Abia State. And gave food items and Wrappers to the widows, aged, and the less privileged
    Global 🌐 Outreach To Windows
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  • We reach out to all women in Ikeduru local government, ata village in IMO State. On how to reduce the level of birth rate that leads to unwated pregnancy in our society
    Global 🌐 outreach to women
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Our Core Value

Our VALUES We believe in the dignity of all human beings. No matter how small our individual contributions may be, we will make a difference.

To Help Each other

To whom much is given, much is also expected

To Love πŸ’• Each other

We will strive to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Loyalty And Respect

We shall not engage in any activity that will bring dishonor to Goodness Global 🌐 Outreach International or its mission.

World of Courage from the Founder of

Goodness Global 🌐 Outreach International

Our Global 🌐 Outreach

The Poor Aged

To give them adequate family care, love and attention they require always. To stimulate them also to appreciate their state of being and how to explore such nature to be useful to themselves, the general family of humanity and to...

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The Orphaned/Poor Children

To give them a family environment to grow, to provide them with parental care, love, education and values they need to fulfill their destinies.

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